Growing a Green Thumb

This is it!  This is the summer I not only plant but sustain vegetation until they are growing and thriving!  The key words here are growing and thriving because I have made attempts at growing a garden in the past.  B has really taken an interest in plants so I’m getting him involved and excited about our endeavor.  We have settled on two planter boxes with three types of plants.  I decided to finally plant my own basil.  With fresh tomatoes and peaches on the horizon I’ll go through gangbusters of basil in the summertime.  Oh how wonderful it will be to be able to step out onto my back porch and pluck some of this fresh herb.  Also in this box will go some strawberries.  This was a surprise addition by Caleb. Not expecting much out of these guys so whatever they yield will be a victory in itself.  The second box has nothing but a packet of wildflower seeds.  The Disney Princess in me longs to be able to pick flowers from my backyard to adorn my kitchen table.  The boxes are sitting up at the top of my deck railing so prying hands can be kept at bay. Fingers crossed for bountiful harvest!

Note: The fresh basil was purchased at BJ’s Plants and Produce in North Little Rock and the strawberries are from Whit Davis Lumber Plus in Sherwood.


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