D.C Getaway Part 1- Sites

Here are some photos from Caleb and I’s recent trip up to Washington D.C.

We visited an art gallery in Dupont Circle called the Phillips Collection.  The permanent exhibits were free to view and included some fantastic works.  Top left is Caleb standing in a room made entirely out of beeswax created by Wolfgang Laib.  The bottom three are from a group called The Migration Series by artist Jacob Lawrence. It details the migration of more than a million African Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North after the start of World War I.

We visited the sites around the National Mall.  The bottom two pictures are from the World War II Memorial.  Caleb took my picture by the Pacific Theatre memorial and by the Louisiana marker because my grandfather, originally from Louisiana, saw action in and around Australia.

The National Air and Space Museum was massive!  We spent a couple of hours there and I know we still didn’t see everything.  I took lots of pictures here because I knew B would like the planes and rocket ships.

We spent quite a bit of our Friday at the National Portrait Gallery.  Top left is my favorite poet, Walt Whitman.  Bottom row, second from right is my favorite president, Theodore Roosevelt.  And the Academy Awards are the four that were won by Ms. Katharine Hepburn.

The International Spy Museum was the only place were we had to pay for admission.  They were hosting a James Bond exhibit with lots of behind the scenes trivia and memorabilia from the movies.  The car is an Aston Martin featured in Goldfinger.  I never did get a clear answer if it was the actual car driven by Sean Connery or if it was a reproduction.  Either way, cool car.  The second picture is of an enigma machine.



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