What We’re Reading


Caleb’s pick- Kitchen Confidential

Poor Caleb.  The only time he gets to read is early in the morning.  And he has an uncanny ability of picking up his book about 5 minutes before one of the kids ( cough, cough, AB) wakes up.  So he’s been reading Anthony Bourdain’s memoir for awhile.  Asked for a review, he described it as enjoyable and insightful.  I read it several years ago and particularly enjoyed the passages about how restaurants determine their daily specials, what days you’ll get the freshest food, and the bread basket.

Katelyn’s pick- Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse

Fans of Peep Show are already familiar with David Mitchell’s work.  He’s a British comedian and writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian and The Observer.  This book is a collection of essays on a number of topics he has deemed worthy of discussion.  It was recommended by NPR’s Book Concierge.  I’m on the fence about it so far.  I love British humor as much as the next person but some of the topics are going way over my head.  I feel like this book needs a British to American translation sometimes.  But, I can appreciate his witty commentary whenever his writing and my knowledge of current events sync up.

B’s pick- Olivia and the Missing Toy

AB was gifted with the first Olivia book by Ian Falconer for Christmas this past year.  Olivia has quickly become a favorite character for Mr. B.  So far we’ve read Olivia, Olivia Forms a Band, and Olivia Saves the Circus.  These books are a delight.  And its a good thing too because whenever a new one enters the house, it’s guaranteed we’ll be reading it at least twice a day.

AB’s pick- Little Bear’s Little Boat

Picked up this book at The Toggery for AB’s first birthday.  There are two types of children’s books.  The funny, who will make fun of the ridiculousness of childhood and the sentimental.  I have a theory about the sentimental.  Once a month the sentimental authors get together and place bets about how fast they can make a mother cry when reading their book to a child.  Because that’s clearly the intention with this book.  I’d compare this book to watching Terms of Endearment. You know you’re gonna cry but you love it so you watch it anyway.


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