Welcome Home!

My folks recently returned from a mini-vacation to Las Vegas.  I say mini-vacation since it was a work-related getaway for my dad.  Anyways, they would be arriving home only a couple of days before their 34th wedding anniversary so I decided my ‘welcome home’ for them could also double as an anniversary gift.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for welcoming home the weary travelers in your life.

  1. Wash their bed linens: nothing beats sleeping on your very own bed in fresh sheets!
  2. Re-stock the pantry: before going out of town, most people try to clean out the fridge so they don’t come home the smell of sour milk and produce.  Re-stock with the essentials so they don’t have to run out to the store immediately.
  3. Do a load of laundry: make sure they have a fresh change of clothes and pajamas waiting for them in case they want to wait a day before unpacking.
  4. Have an extra toothbrush and toothpaste ready: if they return late, your traveler may just want to collapse in bed.  Have the bedtime essentials ready so they don’t have to go rummaging through their suitcase.
  5. Have dinner taken care of.  Put something in the crockpot early in the day so it’ll be ready for them to feast on when they return home.
  6. Make sure the bar has their favorites.  Traveling is can be stressful!  They might need a little help calming their nerves upon their return.

In my case, I picked out a couple of things from the list above and took the kids to the airport to surprise them.  B painted the picture you see at the top and managed to hold it right-side up and open when we spotted them in the terminal.


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