Fall Favorite Things

(Note: Before you continue reading, please go back and re-read the title of this post in the style of Maya Rudolph doing her Oprah impression.  If you’re not familiar, here’s a clip.)

Now that you have an idea of how super excited I am that fall is here, let’s begin.  Yes, I know that the fall season technically arrived last week but for me fall does not begin until October 1 appears on my calendar.  I will miss the early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets, the fresh tomatoes and trips to the pool but once that first pumpkin appears in my house, summer will become a distant memory.

I look forward to these months all year long because most of my favorite things in the world belong to this season, none of which are pumpkin-spiced.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of these with you dear readers. Happy Autumn!

  1. Comfy Fleece Pants*: let’s trade in our thin, stretchy yoga pants for some that can withstand the dip in temperatures.  But lets not drown ourselves in loose, shapeless forms either.  These options from Old Navy fit firmly in the comfy department, will provide you with some style, and won’t break the bank.
  2. Ankle Boots: Caleb gifted me with a pair of leather ankle Ugg boots for Christmas years ago and I’ve lived in them every fall and winter since.  I wear them with everything; jeans, leggings, black, brown.  I do recommend a splurge on boots like these.  In my experience, the cheaper versions do equal a drop in quality.  The boots I own have since been discontinued but Dillards has a similar version that are just as cute.
  3. Fall Pinterest Project:  I love crafting for the holidays.  Despite my best efforts, some of my precious crafts from years past do not survive the months packed away in the attic and therefore will need to be replaced. But pick something simple.  Fall is a short season so don’t waste half of it working away on a project that you will only get to proudly display for a few weeks.  This is what I’ll be adorning my mantle with this year. So pop in a good movie while the kids nap and get Pinteresting.  And speaking of movies…
  4. The Cider House Rules:  I may sound like a card-carrying AARP member but I love me some fall foliage.  I would gladly spend a day driving through the back country to admire Mother Nature in all her autumn glory.  Since that’s not really an option for me, I have this lovely feature film.  It’s got it all; New England, apple orchards, cardigans!  And all the lovely reds, yellows, and oranges that festoon the actors’ setting.
  5. Pumpkin Patch:  Caleb and I have been going to Motley’s Pumpkin Patch since before we were married. Back then it wasn’t really the hipster trend it is today but I’m glad to see it become more popular.  You can find lots of patches around Central Arkansas for lots of price ranges or activity levels.  Wherever you decide to go, be sure to check their website, if they have one, to plan your trip.  Nothing worse than driving all the way to your destination only to learn they won’t accept your debit card.

*funny story: I bought the best comfy fleece pants at Kohl’s last year.  I was fully prepared to recommend them to you but while trying to find a link to provide I realized the pants I had bought were actually for teenage boys.

Pumpkin photo courtesy of Flickr 


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