Recommended- aden + anais


Photo courtesy of Target

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby and I was in Target shopping for her baby shower gift when this caught my eye.  It is a bib that also doubles as a burp cloth.  I decided to purchase it for her but was intrigued enough to also grab one for myself. This has been great for Ms. AB.  She’s not necessarily a messy eater, she just tends to spread around the food that doesn’t end up in her mouth.  It’s made by aden + anais and I’ve been a big fan of their blankets since B was a little baby.  One of my favorite features is it has a snap in the back instead of velcro.  I’ve found that velcro does not stand up to the strength of my kids trying to rip off their bibs.  Snaps work much better for us.  I plan on buying a couple more of these to last us until AB can keep the food where it belongs.


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