Shorts and pants for your growing kids


I’ve recently  begun the semi-annual task of beefing up the kids’ wardrobes for the upcoming change in season. I buy current season clothes on sale in a size or two larger for next year and I begin looking for clothes that’ll get them through the next four or five months. B is easier to buy for these days, one size will get him through a year. AB is harder. I buy her a size and two months later she’s outgrown it and I’m back at the store again. I’ve got to buy lots of clothes in lots of sizes and hope that’ll get her through to the next season! Well some clothes arrived that I purchased online that will make this process a whole lot easier. I did a little shopping at H & M and was pleasantly surprised with what arrived. Some denim shorts I bought for B size 2-3 about swallowed him whole. I was ready to send them back when I checked the waistband. Sure enough, they are made with an adjustable, elasticized waistband. That means I can cinch them up quite a bit now and loosen them as he grows. I’ve bought pants with these types of waistbands before but you could only tighten them slightly and they would still be too big. These shorts really, really adjust and will easily last him two or three years. Several of their jeans and pants for boys and girls come with this delightful feature. I highly recommend them for your growing kiddos. Just make sure before you purchase the description says, “adjustable elasticized waistband.” Happy shopping!


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