Favorite things- A good picnic blanket

I found this little treasure while the family and I were doing our usual Saturday morning errands/discoveries.  B has been on a picnic kick lately.  Almost everyday that he is not at school he is asking to have a picnic.  Sometimes we have indoor picnics, sometimes front-yard, and other times we pack a proper lunch and head down to our neighborhood park.  I had been using a quilt that had been gifted to AB when she was born but it is a little small for a picnic blanket.  With fall on the horizon, I resolved to find a suitable, cozy spread for our outings.  I did some looking on Etsy and found a few that would have worked but I really wanted to find something local.  We were out this past Saturday morning doing our vegetable buying and decided to stop into South Main Creative, a new vintage/upcycled shop that has recently opened in the Soma district of Little Rock.  I was barely in the shop when I saw the lovely blanket pictured above and immediately scooped it up.  It is a Troy Robe blanket, originally manufactured in Troy Mills, New Jersey and once used as a traveling blanket.  I’m even more excited about fall now that this creation is gracing my grandfather’s leather chair.  And I’ll be more inclined to take this kids down to the park for picnics with this to sit on.


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