A Note of Praise for Raffi Music

We are a musical household.  Caleb plays a few instruments and we’ve always got Spotify or Pandora Radio playing somewhere in the house or car.  Ever since B was little we’ve tried to expose him to good music.  We always played him what we like to listen to since what we like is, for the most part, appropriate for kids.  But, there came a day when he started requesting music like Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, etc.  I find most kids music to be a complete and utter annoyance.  It was difficult for me to reconcile what I wanted him to listen to and what he liked to listen to.  It was then that Caleb introduced me to the artist known as Raffi.  I had never listened to him as a child but he is apparently pretty famous.  He describes himself as a ‘children’s troubadour.’ I’ve really connected with his folksy style of children’s music and B really enjoys him as well. He sings about children for children but, and I think this is incredibly valuable, he doesn’t dumb-down his music for kids.  Kids are perfectly capable of enjoying music without auto-tune and minimal instrumentation.  So, thank you Raffi for making music I’m glad to share with my kids.

Please enjoy this playlist of some of B and I’s favorite Raffi songs.  And moms, try to listen to “I Wonder If I’m Growing” and not cry hysterically about the all-too-rapid passage of time.



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