Favorite things- A Chef’s Life

Photo courtesy of PBS

Caleb and I stumbled upon our new favorite cooking show, A Chef’s Lifea few months ago.  I’ve become a card-carrying member of the Chef Vivian Howard fan club since then.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a cooking show (even though I just did in the first sentence) because its more of a documentary about her and her husband running their restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer, in eastern North Carolina.  It airs on PBS which is perfect for us cable-cord cutters.  The third season will premiere in September so be sure to check the AETN website to find out when it will air.  Until then, you can catch reruns on Tuesday nights at 8 pm on channel 2-2.

Note: Season 3 is currently airing at Tuesday nights at 10:30 on AETN Channel 2.  If you’re asleep by then, like me, you can watch these episodes after they air at the show’s PBS page or if you have Apple TV, they’re available under the PBS app.


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